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Frequency Photonics (FREQ Photonics) provides advanced photonics communications and sensing solutions for contested airborne and terrestrial environments.

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advanced photonics communications and sensing solutions

FREQ Photonics leverages microwave photonics and free space optics (FSO) to enable communications, even in jammed situations, with low probability of intercept (LPI) / low probability detection (LPD). FREQ Photonics’ solutions deliver higher performance with lower SWaP and are Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) compliant. Led by an agile, innovative team of experts across engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and program management, FREQ Photonics possesses the knowledge and expertise to deliver mission-critical solutions.

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Our Capabilities

Microwave Photonics

Many defense platforms operate under stringent size, weight, and power budgets. In addition to systems comprised of discrete components, we can design photonic integrated circuits (PIC’s) using Synopsys’ PIC Design Suite with access to most leading photonics foundries, enabling unprecedented levels of integration and resource utilization.

Free Space Optics

At FREQ Photonics, we combine our vast experience in product development with world class optics expertise to provide our customers with an expedited path from optical table breadboard experiments to qualified products.

System Design, Development, and Qualification

Our experience with photonics systems spans the full development lifecycle from concept ideation to product qualification. With our help, you can quickly transition solutions from the research lab to the factory and platform.

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